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The Conscious Classroom

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Enriching educators and their students with transformative & restorative programs.

Are You Searching for More than Your Typical Professional Development Program?

When you invest time in continuing education, you want to be sure you're learning the wisdom that can truly transform you & your classroom!

restore your passion for education

The Conscious Classroom brings you programs that fuse depth of care with simplicity of method to uplift your classroom, renew your spirits and support your students.

Based on Amy Edelstein’s groundbreaking work designing school mindfulness, wellness, and systems thinking programs that bring measurable results, The Conscious Classroom weaves together a unique set of perspectives, principles, and practices that support whole person wellbeing. Developed to help dedicated educators and anxious adolescents realize their higher potentials, this system gives you the methodology and resources to alleviate the impact of trauma and make schools the vibrant, caring learning communities they are meant to be.

Now Is The Time for Change

Our own stability as teachers provides the best foundation for our students’ learning.

Teachers and students are facing a mountain of challenges right now. From the disruption of the pandemic to ongoing work-life stress, teachers and students need self-care tools that are immediate, effective, and lasting.

If you’re like most educators, you need tools that speak to you now, before you have everything together. You need methods that calm your classroom and your own mental chatter. You need support without guilt and practical advice without pablum.

If that resonates, The Conscious Classroom programs are for you.

Occupational burnout among teachers is real. It saps the energy of even the most caring individuals.

Stress and anxiety erode the curiosity of even the most engaged students.

The same old professional development courses that advise you to add more self-care activity to your day, while not showing you how to embed tools into your already busy schedule only amplify frustration.

Tone deaf platitudes for teens who are processing grief or the hurt of racism alienate and trigger rather than empower.

That’s why we created the programs that form the heart of The Conscious Classroom.

At The Conscious Classroom, we are committed to transforming education. We are passionate about helping all schools become fulfilling, supportive, creative, uplifting, and future-oriented environments that foster our higher human potentials.

Ready to experience...

  • Actionable professional development wellness programs that revitalize you as an individual and an educator.
  • Insightful perspectives on the dynamics of change that allow you to see - and cultivate - your students' potential with fresh eyes.
  • Trauma-sensitive mindful awareness practices that are evidence-based and suitable for the secular classroom.
  • Indepth mindfulness training to understand the exercises, contra-indications, and science behind these focus and calming tools for teens.
  • Experienced guidance to implement these supports in the school environment.

How It Works

  1. Choose your course.
  2. Go through the program at your pace. Our learning platform will track your progress, and provide you with contemplation worksheets to help you synthesize your learning.
  3. Once you’ve finished a course, you’ll receive a validated certificate which you can submit to your learning agency to request Continuing Education Units (CEU).
Programs for All Educators

Empower Yourself with Experiential, Insightful & Skills-based Enrichment


You carry the responsibility for your school, district, or city. You provide continuing education for your team. When you need empowerment tools that meet the complexity of your role, The Conscious Classroom is there for you.


You meet demanding schedules day-in, day-out. You are there for groups of students with few breaks in-between. The educators at The Conscious Classroom work in schools too. Our programs are designed for you.

Youth Service Providers

You work to support youth in afterschool programs, mentorships, or clubs. You see the challenges they come with. When you want to help them build their own strength, resilience, and care, The Conscious Classroom equips you with tools to do so.

Amy reminded us that we, the adults, are important, too.

To better serve our students and to better teach, we need to take care of ourselves. We were able to immediately implement every self-care strategy Amy presented, and our teachers and staff chose to implement them on their own throughout the school year. We started a new approach to living because we realized the difference within ourselves. Who wouldn't rather live than simply exist?!"

Nicole, Executive Director, Gillingham High School, PA

Just beginning?

Start your journey now with our Self-Care MasterClass for Educators

You’ll be amazed at how a few profound tools--skillfully applied--can release a flood of creativity, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.

"I love Amy - she not only has a positive energy and a slow and inviting style, but she seems to really understand what teachers face daily."

– Theresa, Lankenau High School, PA

Conscious Classroom Founder

Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein, educator, author, and nonprofit leader is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in.

She has 40-years experience working with mindfulness and other transformational tools and philosophies, and has taught around the world.

In 2014, she established Inner Strength, a non-profit organization, which has empowered more than 20,000 Philadelphia high school students with strategies helping them develop calm, curiosity, and care.

The Collaborative of Academic Social and Emotional Learning granted her program its coveted recommended status for its scientific and evidence-based curriculum, which combines mindfulness-based practices, critical thinking, and evolutionary systems theory.

Amy received a Philadelphia Social Innovator's Award for her program's work in violence reduction. She is a Cornell University College Scholar, cofounder of Emergence Education, which produces transformational books and programs for adults, and recipient of Nautilus, Publisher's Weekly Ben Franklin, and IPPY book awards for several of her six books.