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The Conscious Classroom

With Amy Edelstein

Who Are We?

About The Conscious Classroom

What are the principles and practices that help learning communities thrive? How do we help our students realize their higher potentials and grow beyond their own expectations? The Conscious Classroom brings you programs that are fusing depth of care with simplicity of method to transform education and make schools fulfilling environments for both teachers and students.

  1. For actionable professional development wellness programs that support you as an individual and an educator.
  2. For insightful perspectives on the dynamics of change that allow you to see - and cultivate - your students' potential with fresh eyes.
  3. For mindful awareness practices that are suitable for secular classrooms and are trauma-sensitive.

Start your journey with our self-care MasterClass for educators. You’ll be amazed at how just a few profound tools, skillfully applied, can release a flood of creativity, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.

Programs for All Educators

Get the Professional Support You Long For


You carry the responsibility for your school, district, or city. You provide continuing education for your team. When you need empowerment tools that meet the complexity of your role, The Conscious Classroom is there for you.


You meet demanding schedules day-in, day-out. You are there for groups of students with few breaks in-between. The Conscious Classroom works in schools, we know what it’s like. Our programs are designed for you.

Youth Service Providers

You work with youth in after school programs, mentorships, or clubs. You see the challenges they come with. The Conscious Classroom provides you with tools that you can share to help them build their own strength, resilience, and care.

Amy reminded us that we, the adults, are important, too.

To better serve our students and to better teach, we need to take care of ourselves. We were able to immediately implement every self-care strategy Amy presented, and our teachers and staff chose to implement them on their own throughout the school year. We started a new approach to living because we realized the difference within ourselves. Who wouldn't rather live than simply exist?!"

N.H. Executive Director, Gillingham High School, PA