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The Conscious Classroom

Supporting Teen Learning with Mindful Awareness & Contextual Thinking With Amy Edelstein

Regular Price: $297

Feel empowered to open up new worlds of discovery for the teens in your life

Adolescence has always been a challenging time of transition. How much more so in our world today! If you work with teens in any capacity, as a teacher, mentor, or parent, you know that the complexity they are navigating the load of worries they are carrying can weigh on even the most positive of youth.

How do you help them?

  • You can’t be there for them at every moment.
  • You can’t prevent every disappointment.
  • You can’t protect them from what you can’t predict.
  • You can’t prepare them for what you can't imagine.

But there is a way to empower youth with tools that will grow with them throughout their lives. Those are the tools that point to deeper truths and our higher human capacities.

Put those keys in a teen’s hands, and they’ll figure out how to unlock the doors in front of them.

No matter what our shared future ends up looking like, there will be adolescent challenges.

That’s part of growing up.

There will also be huge cultural upheavals that we can't foresee . . . like the pandemic, like America taking to the streets and insisting on the end of systemic racism, like a climate movement led by youth pressuring parents and CEOs alike to ensure their healthy future.

While teens need to feel prepared, what they really need are...


Worldviews that create meaning, are deep and relevant to our times.


Methods and practices that provide stability, balance, and fortitude.


Above all, they need relationships that are meaningful and kind, adults who care, friends they feel connected to, and a sense of being at home in themselves.

This is a tall order...

But the perspectives and practices you'll learn in
The Conscious Classroom can fill the gap.

If you have been struggling to find simple but profound keys you can put in a young person’s hands, The Conscious Classroom program is for you.

Through the engaging lessons and illuminating contemplations, you’ll learn practical tools to share with teens who are anxious, or grieving, or seeking. You’ll discover how to put the keys of perspective change in their hands. You’ll be able to support teens by helping them transform their outlook and worldview, so they will see possibility and potential, not challenges and deadends.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to release your own capacity for care and connection, even if you don’t have all the answers.

In The Conscious Classroom course you will learn the key principles and elements of the Inner Strength System™ which has empowered more than 15,000 high school students since 2014. This system of supporting healthy social emotional development is evidence-based. Research on participants has shown statistically significant increases in students’ self-regulation, self-compassion, optimism, perseverance, and happiness year after year. These changes are not arbitrary measures. They are key metrics that have been shown to bring about better learning, happier students, and more conscious classrooms.

Are you ready to bring these tools to youth?

Regular Price: $297

“We have extraordinary potential to inspire the next generation.

When we teach them how to learn and how to engage with their experience in a meaningful, open-ended, and discriminating way, we are giving them lightning in a bottle.

That lightning can brighten their entire lives and our shared future.”

- Amy Edelstein

You Will Learn:

  • New ways of seeing and interpreting your own experience that can release your wisdom to benefit others.
  • How to contemplate and see the ordinary in fresh ways to reconnect you with your own purpose and passion, giving you new resources to pass on.
  • Appreciation for what mindfulness is and what it is not.
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques and practices you can share with youth.
  • A view of the large arcs of history, creating space to engage with our complex world.

Regular Price: $297

A Look Inside The Conscious Classroom

Take The Conscious Classroom journey and transform your sense of overwhelm, confusion, and concern into one of curiosity, confidence, and care.

Lesson 1

Teachers Transform Lives

Lesson 2

Philosophers in Today’s Classrooms? You bet.

Lesson 3

A Powerful Culture Hack:
Mindful Awareness Opens New Doors

Lesson 4

Practicing the Art of Quick Release

Lesson 5

Processing Strong Emotions

Lesson 6

Becoming Curious about Life

Lesson 7

Change Your Mind

Lesson 8

Finding Calm in the Storm

Lesson 9

What About Special Needs?

Lesson 10

When the Classroom Gets Tough

Lesson 11

Teens & Substance Use

Lesson 12

PracticingTraining the Leaders of Tomorrow

Lesson 13

You Matter!

Lesson 14

One-Two-Three, Let’s Breathe

Lesson 15

But Life Isn’t Always Peaceful

Lesson 16

Finding Calm in the Storm

What are participants saying?

Read about the shifts people like you have made.

“I’ve never had a teacher who could make such profound revelations so accessible For the first time, I really understood what mindfulness was all about!”

Patricia, Philadelphia, PA

“I’ve never thought about the way I “interpret” my experience. I am always just having an experience or wanting to change it. So valuable!”

Sheila, Rockford, IL

“The way Amy guided the exercises helped me relax, I can only imagine how it works in a classroom full of teens.”

Paul, Hartford, CT

“I am so inspired by how quickly Amy's system has been adopted. I can’t wait to implement what I've learned in my school.”

Anthony, Cincinnati, OH

“I am not a parent or a teacher but I love to meditate. This helped me see how I could make bridges with the people I do interact with. I found that so helpful.”

Jasmine, Baltimore, MD

“I appreciate how Amy shares her vast experience in an even-handed way and that she recognizes that this might not be for every child. Sometimes I feel worried this is going to become the next fad everyone has to do rather than one of the ways we can help our kids grow. Thank you for addressing so many special cases.”

Aaliyah, San Diego, CA

“Thank you! Hearing Amy share her stories from the classroom made it so real. I can see how I can also bring peace and relief to the kids I know in my life.”

Marion, Vancouver, BC

What's Included

  • Course Portal

    Access all of your course materials in our convenient Learning Management Portal, which helps you keep track of what you have completed as you work your way through the program.

  • 16 Lessons

    Learn key concepts through 16 modules. Each one reveals a key element that creates a conscious classroom. Each module includes instruction and contemplation, you will learn and practice exercises you can continue to use and teach the youth in your life.

  • Video Lectures

    Watch lesson videos (3 min - 10 min), which introduces a key concept or exercise for you to work with.

  • Audios

    Listen or download lesson audios to take with you on the go.

  • Transcripts

    Download lesson transcripts so you can easily take notes, highlight passages, and mark insights that will support your learning.

  • Workbook

    Practice contemplations help you integrate the key concepts and deepen your understanding. You can download and type your responses directly into the fillable PDFs or print to handwrite your responses.

  • Lifetime Access To Course Materials

    You will receive lifetime access to course materials so you can revisit the modules again and again, refreshing your skills, and making the Conscious Classroom techniques your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive immediate access to the course materials through the Course Portal as soon as you register. A new lesson will become available to you every day so you can pace yourself and follow along. You will also receive a reminder email when the new lesson content is available to you.

You are welcome to do the course at your own pace. You can revisit lessons over and over, take your time, or follow at the recommended pace.

You can access the portal from any web browser on phone, tablet, or computer.

The course is 16 lessons long.Each lesson takes between 5 - 10 minutes to follow along. You will spend 10 - 20 minutes (or longer if you are inspired) on the daily Contemplations. The daily contemplations help you integrate and make these new perspectives your own.

You can download the audios and printed materials.

The Conscious Classroom:

Supporting Teen Learning with Mindful Awareness & Contextual Thinking
with Amy Edelstein

Regular Price: $279

Your Instructor

About Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein, educator, author, and public speaker is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in.

In 2014, Amy founded the Inner Strength Foundation, a non-profit organization that has trained 15,000 inner-city teens in mindfulness and systems thinking.

She currently serves as Inner Strength’s Executive Director. Amy began her own mindfulness practice in 1978 and has been an avid explorer of these tools ever since, studying indepth and then teaching in half a dozen countries around the world.

She received a Philadelphia Social Innovation Award for her organization’s work in Violence Reduction. She is a Cornell University College Scholar, cofounder of of the learning platform Emergence Education, and author of five books including the IPPY award-winning, #1 Amazon educational bestseller The Conscious Classroom.