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This Book Doesn't Just Show You How Different a Conscious Classroom Can Be

It Transmits That Difference!

Diane Reibel

Director, Mindfulness Institute

Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

This is an inspiring book that looks towards the future. It provides a model for educators and students to be empowered by cultivating their inner resources of strength, resilience, and compassion.

Understanding Uncertainty

From a process perspective, we see that this moment is not static. Understanding how this is so, paradoxically, creates security and stability.

Inviting the New

Emergent education is a way of training that puts great stock in and draws on teens’ creativity and their love for something new.

Expanding Our View

What is the vantage point from which we peer out into the vast world around us?

Enjoy the Adventure of Possibility, Dive In!

Curious, Questioning & Aware

A book that inspires educators and dreamers alike with the type of questioning that opens the heart and mind to new possibilities. The practical steps that come out of this contemplation energizes classrooms, heals hurts, and brings about the kind of education we all wished we had and could give every child. An education based on wholeness, love, and possibility in a world that seems increasingly fraught and broken. This is the professional development every teacher needs!